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Monday, May 9, 2011


Celebrate spring with this easy-to-make yo-yo topiary.
1/4 yd. print fabric
fabric pen
quilting thread
sewing needle
five pink 5/8” buttons
3” diameter wooden embroidery hoop
8” length 3/16” diameter dowel
floral tape
2 green silk leaves
2” x 2” x 3” piece floral foam
3” x 4” clay pot
small amount green excelsior
glue gun and glue sticks

Using the compass, draw a 5” diameter circle on the cardboard. Cut out the circle.

Using the cardboard circle as a template, draw five circles on the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out the circles.

With the wrong side of the fabric facing up, fold the edge over 1/4". Using a running stitch, sew around the entire circle close to the fold line. Pull the thread tightly so the fabric cinches up to form a yo-yo. Flatten and shape the yo-yo. Run the needle through the center back. Now stitch a button over the center of each hole.

Hot glue one end of the dowel into the screw opening of the embroidery hoop (see diagram.) Allow to dry.

Wrap floral tape around dowel, securing silk leaves as you wind tape. Don’t worry that top of dowel where glued into hoop isn’t covered.

Glue one yo-yo to the bottom of the hoop, covering screw. Glue the remaining yo-yo’s around the hoop as shown in the photo with the yo-yo’s overlapping each other slightly.

Glue the floral foam into the pot so that it fits snugly and foam isn’t visible over the top edge. If necessary, trim foam to fit.

Glue dowel into center of floral foam. Glue excelsior over floral foam.


Liz V. said...

The only type of flower w/ a reasonable chance around me and, as I recall, you.


You're absolutely right, Liz! No green thumbs here except when it comes to zucchinis.