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Monday, June 13, 2011


Refer to the materials list and directions from May 23, 2011 to make the basic yarn doll using green bulky yarn. Decorate the doll as follows:

black 4-ply yarn for hair
2” x 8” piece rust felt
three 1/2” x 12” pieces gold felt
5” autumn floral craft pick
three 6” craft feathers
circle template, pencil and ruler
tacky glue or glue gun

1. Make doll according to Basic Yarn Doll directions (5/23/11.)

2. To make yarn braids, cut fourteen 1” pieces and thirty-three 15” pieces of black yarn. Glue short pieces to head over muslin for bangs. Apply a line of glue down the center of head. Center yarn lengths over the glue, working from top of head to back neck. Allow to dry. Pull yarn tightly over head to either side. Braid each side, tying off 1” above ends.

3. Draw a 5/8” circle at center of rust felt. Draw a line halfway between one short end of felt up to circle. Cut along this line and cut out circle. Fringe short ends of felt with 1/2" cuts.

4. Place rust felt over doll with opening in front. Tie at waist with one strip of gold felt.

5. Cut one piece of gold felt into four 3" pieces. Glue two around tied sections of braids and two around wrists, trimming as necessary.

5. Glue remaining gold felt strip around head for headband, sandwiching feather stems between overlapped edges at back of head and trimming away excess felt.

6. Glue floral pick into crook of doll’s left arm.

Check back for more yarn doll variations in future weeks.

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