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Friday, December 23, 2016


Yesterday I featured my two favorite gingerbread creations from a local competition. Here are some more. After the bruising election season, I loved the sentiment of this gingerbread White House. Note the sign on the right: "Santa for President."
 This was a family entry of a Candyland board made out of gingerbread.

 A girl scout troop created with gingerbread globe with a plea to save the earth.
 This was one of the individual entries. I have a feeling it was created by someone who does a lot of cake decorating.
 Another individual entry went with a pet theme. The dogs and cats are all sculpted out of fondant. If you've ever worked with fondant, you can appreciate the skill of the person who created this entry. The wishing well is all gingerbread.
Finally, we have a farm scene, complete with bales of hay, chicks, and a vegetable garden.

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