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Monday, December 12, 2016


Crafters are the original recyclers, always looking for ways to make something from what others might consider trash. Air Freshener Dolls are a perfect example of this creativity. All you need is a cone-shaped plastic air freshener container, and in less than an hour you can have an adorable Christmas scented doll to adorn your holiday mantle or table.

Note: You can also substitute a 5” block of wood or a cardboard thread cone for the air freshener.

Mary Christmas Air Freshener Doll

Materials (choose colors of lace and ribbon to coordinate with fabric)

5” cone-shaped plastic air freshener
2” wooden ball with flat bottom
Peach or flesh colored acrylic paint
Foam paintbrush
Two 4mm half-round black beads
5-1/2” x 24” and 3” x 18” Christmas print fabric
24” 1-1/2” wide gathered lace
Fabric glue
All-purpose glue
Needle and thread
1/2 yd. 1/2" wide satin ribbon
3mm jute cord
4” straw doll’s hat
Miniature Christmas embellishments (optional)

1. Paint ball with three coats of flesh colored paint, allowing paint to dry between applications.

2. Using fabric glue, glue gathered lace to one long edge of larger piece of fabric. Allow to dry.

3. Using needle and thread, gather opposite long edge of fabric into a circle. Knot thread ends together. Using fabric glue, glue short ends of fabric together.

4. Drape fabric over air freshener, gluing gathers over top of freshener. Allow to dry.

5. Glue ball over gathers. Allow to dry.

6. Glue eyes to face.

7. To make arms, press long edges of smaller fabric piece to center, then fold in half and glue together. Allow glue to dry. Tie a knot at each end for hands. Cut piece in half and glue each half directly under head on either side of doll. Cross arms at front of doll and glue together. Allow glue to dry.

8. Make a bow from the satin ribbon and glue to dress directly below doll’s head.

9. Cut 2” lengths of jute and glue to top of head for bangs. Cut additional lengths of jute (size determined by length of hair you desire for your doll) and glue around head. Gather lengths into pigtails or trim evenly around head to desired length.

10. Glue straw hat to top of doll’s head. glue on optional Christmas trim or embellishment.


Angela Adams said...

Adorable! When I saw the photo, I didn't think of this doll as an Air Freshener. I thought she'd make a cute gift for a preschooler.


You could certainly do that, Angela. Just wait until the air freshener is all used up, and wash the plastic container to remove any residue.