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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today I’d like to introduce you to Janice Kerr, American Woman’s health editor.   Janice will be dropping by from time to time on Wednesdays to bring you tips, ideas, and other assorting information on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  To read more about Janice, you’ll have to wait until Book Two in the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries by Lois Winston.  In the meantime, catch Janice here at Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers. -- AP

by Janice Kerr,
American Woman health editor

I’ve lived and worked in New Jersey all my life, and for all my life I’ve had to put up with my state being the butt of the rest of the country’s jokes.  Television isn’t helping.  First it was
The Sopranos, then The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Last year brought us the worst of the lot so far, the first season of Jersey Shore (with only one of the eight member cast actually from New Jersey, the other seven come from New York and Rhode Island!)  It’s obvious that Hollywood loves to make fun of the Garden State.

The newest Jerseyite plastered across our televisions and the Internet doesn’t help our long suffering image.  She’s
Donna Simpson, a 42 year old mother of two with a most unusual goal.  She wants to weigh 1000 lbs.  That’s half a ton, people!  And she’s well on her way to reaching that goal.

Let me tell you, we here in New Jersey didn’t need this.  Our state has suffered enough.  It’s enough to make anyone go out and exercise another few hours a week.  And that’s just what the newest health studies are now telling us -- one hour a day, seven days a week of moderate to strenuous exercise to maintain our weight as we age. 

And that brings me to a story about another New Jersey woman, someone we can all admire.  Two years ago
Karen MacNamara weighed over 300 lbs. -- about half the size of Donna Simpson.  But Karen realized she needed to shed weight to stay healthy.  This 53 year old woman lost 137 lbs. by changing her eating habits and taking up walking -- a form of moderate exercise.  Go Karen!  Now that’s a New Jersey housewife we can all admire!

So what do you think of these two NJ housewives?  Let's hear from you!  And don't forget by sharing your thoughts, you're automatically entered to win a book from our Book Club Friday guest this week.--AP


Kathye Quick said...

Hey Janice -

I'm with you. NJ women need better role models than the 1000 pound woman, the Jerseylicious hair stylists and the Jersey Shore whatever-they-ares.

Eating healthy and walking helped me lose more weight than I thought it would do and now I'm half-way to my goal.

Of course without the big hair, big makeup and big boobs, maybe I'd lose more.

Just kidding -

Kathye Quick said...

Oh - BTW - yesterday's recipe is only 175 calories per serving.

I can have 2!!!!!

Kathy said...

Good on you Karen. As for Donna, I think she's either insane or suicidal. I saw her on the news when she said she was 600 lbs. and healthy. How healthy can it be when you can only walk about 30 feet before you have to sit down. This she admitted to. Even sicker than Donna is all the people who send her money to buy food. Seems like assisted suicide to me.

I can't lose weight no matter how hard I try and I exercise an hour a day, but if I ever even reached 200 I would sew my mouth shut and not eat until I lost some weight. You just have to wonder what some people are thinking.


175 calories? That Cloris is a genius, isn't she? And BTW, I always thought Texans had it all over us Jersians (Jerseyite?) when it came to big hair. And they can have it! ;-)