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Monday, April 25, 2011


Spring isn't all sunshine and flowers, as you all know. We still get cool temps and lots of rain that can make for very long weekends, especially if you've got kids climbing the walls.

Few parents want their kids glued to the TV or playing video games all weekend, so it’s time to haul out the crafts supplies and get creative. How about having the kids make spool necklaces?

To be prepared for those rainy weekends, head to the crafts store to buy a bag of wood spools, a bag of pony beads, and some plastic lacing (the kind you used to make lanyards out of back in summer camp.) Make sure you have a large selection of acrylic paint colors and brushes of various sizes.

Have the kids paint the spools in different colors. When the spools are dry, they can add decorative patterns to them.

After all the painting is finished and dried, have the kids string the painted spools onto the plastic lacing, alternating spools and pony beads. Tie the ends together to form the necklaces.

One bad weather afternoon down. Here’s hoping you don’t have too many more. 
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Liz V. said...

Or recycle, although I have to ask whether spools are wood anymore. Beads can come from that necklace you broke and can't restring or that you wish had broken.


Thread hasn't come on wooden spools in a long time, Liz, but you can buy bags of wooden spools in several different sizes at crafts stores. Recycling beads from broken necklaces is a great idea. Thanks for stopping by.