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Monday, November 14, 2011


Gold braid and a white snowflake charm were used to decorate this ornament.

Do you keep Christmas cards each year because they’re too pretty to toss? Many people do, but they never do anything with them. So over the years they wind up with huge stacks of old Christmas cards. Here’s an easy, fun way to make use of those cards by turning them into ornaments or package tags. Even little kids can take part in this craft, so consider making it a family project for a rainy afternoon.

Red rick-rack, a round red gemstone, and three buttons were used to decorate this ornament.

Christmas cards
patterned scrapbook paper
index stock
rick-rack and other assorted trims
flat-backed acrylic gemstones
glue stick, tacky glue, gem glue

There’s no one right way to make these ornaments. Use craft materials you have on hand for decorating. Be creative. Have fun.

Red pompoms were glued over the holly berries on this photo card ornament.

Trim the front from the back of the card, then trim the card to the desired size. Cut a piece of printed scrapbook paper slightly larger than the card. Glue the card to the scrapbook paper. Glue the scrapbook paper to the index stock. Trim the index stock to the scrapbook paper.

If desired, glue rick-rack or braid around the perimeter of the card. Glue the ribbon to the top corners of the card for a hanging loop. 

Green rick-rack and red gemstones were used to decorate this ornament.

Decorate the cards with various crafts materials. The models shown used flat-backed acrylic gemstones, charms, buttons, and pompoms.

Do you craft for the holidays? What have you made or plan to make this year? Tell us for a chance to win a book from our Book Club Friday guest author. -- AP


Liz said...

Made package tags as a child. Ornaments are a nice alternative. Thanks.

Jane R said...

I do lots of crafting throughout the year. I have co-workers that I like to make holiday presents for. I've made wreaths, small wooden trays, decorative snowmen made out of wooden fence posts and brownies in a jar, just to name a few.