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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Gel manicures are extremely popular because of how long they last and the fact that the gel polish doesn’t chip. However, beauty editor Nicole Emmerling has discovered some disturbing issues related to this new trend. -- AP

Many of the products used in gel manicures contain toxic chemicals. Check the labels on the products you plan to use. Methacrylates can cause skin redness, itching, and/or swelling in some people. BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) is a suspected carcinogen, and methyl pyrrolidone has been linked to possible reproductive problems.

UV light is used to set the various layers of gel for many gel manufacturers’ products. Cumulative exposure to UV light can cause skin cancer. Look for products that cure the gel with LED light instead.

In order to remove the gel, you need to soak or wrap your fingers in acetone for up to 15 minutes. Acetone can make your nails brittle, causing them to crack and peel. It can also chap your skin.

Bottom line? You may want to think twice about getting a gel manicure.


Chris Redding said...

I like the fact that regular polish comes off after a week. I'm bored with the color by then.
Yes, I have nail polish ADD.

Jane R said...

This is good to know. I'm passing the info on to my daughter who occasionally treats herself (or is treated) to a manicure session. Thanks for the post!

Barbara D. said...

I'm like Chris. I've accumulated so many bottles & colors of polish & prefer doing my own nails. I have a friend who loves getting professional manicures & is always complaining about dry flaky & itchy skin around her nails. I would rather do my own & spend my money on something else. (like books :)

Gorge Kaly said...

I am nail polish lover. Pink is my favorite color. Thank you for sharing how to removing the gel.