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Monday, September 24, 2012


A few weeks ago I showed you how to showcase a vacation photo by decoupaging a frame with a road map. Here's an even easier way to give a bit of pizzazz to a vacation photo.

photo frame, pre-cut mat or cardboard the same size as frame, an old road map, ruler, craft knife, glue stick, photo, photo tape

1. If your frame didn't come with a pre-cut mat, create one by cutting an opening in the cardboard slightly smaller than the photo you plan to use.

2. Cut a piece of the road map slightly larger than the mat.

3. Apply glue to the surface of the mat. Glue the map to the mat. Allow glue to dry.

4. Turn the mat to wrong side. Using the craft knife, make angled cuts in the map in each corner of the cutout. Trim the four sides of the map to 1/2" from the interior opening of the mat.

5. Apply glue to map, then fold edges around to wrong side of mat.

6. Trim map even with outer edges of mat.

7. Tape picture behind mat. Insert mat into frame.

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