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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Chances are either you have asthma, or you know someone who has asthma. Or maybe you have asthma and don’t know realize it. Do you commonly have shortness or breath? Do you often wheeze? These are symptoms of asthma. Asthma is an affliction that’s affecting more and more people. Tobacco smoke, pollution, strong fragrances, and even cold air are all common asthma triggers.

However, there are many other irritants that can trigger asthma symptoms. The fumes from gas stoves is one you might not be aware of. These fumes irritate airways. If you’re prone to asthma, consider switching to an electric stove. If that’s not possible, make sure your kitchen is well ventilated when you cook.

Acetaminophen is another culprit. It lowers the levels of a substance in your body that eases lung inflammation. If you have asthma, consider switching to aspirin or ibuprofen for headaches and other pain.

Also, medications that contain beta-blockers can cause airway restriction. Beta-blockers are found in blood pressure and glaucoma medications. If you have asthma and suffer from high blood pressure and/or glaucoma, ask your doctor about alternative medications that don’t contain beta-blockers.

Always check with your doctor before switching or stopping medications, and make sure he or she is aware of your asthma symptoms.

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