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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


When I was in my pre-teens, a neighbor died of breast cancer. It was my first introduction to the disease. My mother told me the neighbor had gotten breast cancer when a wooden hanger fell from a shelf in the closet and hit her in the breast.

Twenty years ago a friend stopped using antiperspirant because she’d read that it causes cancer.

Last week I read a newspaper article about a study that was done on the relationship between underwire bras and cancer. Conclusion: there is none.

Breast cancer myths still exist.

So because it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’m here today to debunk some of the more prevalent myths and old wives tales you may have heard from relatives or read about in the Internet. News flash! Not everything on the Internet is true!

1. You will NOT get cancer from drinking coffee or any other form of caffeine.

2. Trauma to the breast does NOT cause cancer.

3. Antiperspirants do NOT cause cancer.

4. Having an abortion does NOT cause cancer.

5. Wearing an underwire bra does NOT cause cancer.

6. Hair dye and relaxers do NOT cause cancer. 

Now do yourself and your loved ones a favor and make your annual mammogram appointment.


Angela Adams said...

Great post...thanks for sharing!


Thanks for stopping by, Angela.

Sheila York said...

Thanks for these. It amazes me how many people will believe anything with enthusiasm and deep conviction, without seemingly for one moment given it critical thought.

maia chance said...

Thanks Angela and Sheila!

Lois Winston said...

Critical thought is definitely often lacking, Sheila. That and common sense. But it's amazing what some people will believe--often because they read it online! So of course, it must be true, right?