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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Nail polish. It’s not just for adorning the tips of your fingers and toes. Every woman knows that a dab of clear nail polish will stop a run in a stocking from continuing to run. However, nail polish can be used in various other ways from everything to saving money, saving time, and even preventing paper cuts on your tongue. Yes, you read that last one right! So instead of tossing those half-empty bottles of thickened polish or colors you decided didn’t quite work for you, put them to use in other ways. Here are a few ideas:

1. Are you someone who has to carry around a key ring loaded with keys? How often to you stand in front of a lock, trying one key after another before you successfully open the lock because so many of those keys look alike? Dab different colored nail polish on the heads of your keys to tell them apart. Choose colors that correspond to the locks: red for your front door, silver for your car, etc. or match up the first letter of the color to the first letter of the item, like green for gym locker or orange for office.

2. Ever notice how the labels on prescription meds seem to smudge and fade over time? If the medication is one you don’t take daily, you might forget when you were supposed to take it or how. On an empty stomach or with food? First thing in the morning or before going to bed? Paint several coats of clear nail polish over the labels, and you’ll never face this dilemma again.

3. Have you ever had a can of shaving cream leave a rust ring on a bathroom counter, tub, or shelf? Brush some nail polish around the bottom of metal cans that get exposed to water, and you’ll never be faced with this problem again.

4. If you have little kids or grandkids, you’ve probably discovered holes in your window screens from time to time. For some reason kids love to poke at screens. Maybe it’s the springiness of the screens and/or the sound they make that fascinated them. Replacing the screens is costly but not plugging up the holes lets in bugs. Repair the screens by covering the holes with a patch of fabric slightly larger than the hole. You’ll need one piece of fabric for the inside and a second piece for the outside of the screen. Secure the fabric to the screen with several thick coats of nail polish to keep bugs out.

5. And now we get to those paper cuts on your tongue. They usually occur from sealing envelopes. And man, do they ever hurt, especially if you make the mistake of eating something citrusy before the cut heals. Of course, you can splurge and buy self-sealing envelopes, but they can be extremely costly, especially if you often have to mail quite a few envelopes. Instead, seal your envelopes with a swipe of nail polish and save your tongue.

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Angela Adams said...

After sooooo many years of wearing nylon stockings (now pantyhose), I still use clear nail polish to keep a run from going any further. Thanks for the post

Kathy McIntosh said...

Good ideas. We use nail polish to distinguish electric wall plate switches.


Thank you, Angela and Kathy!