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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


photo by Carol Pyles from Winter Haven, FL, US
Susan Santangelo is the author of the bestselling humorous Baby Boomer mystery series. Book 6 in the series, Second Honeymoons Can Be Murder, will be released on February 16th. She divides her time between Cape Cod, MA and the Gulf Coast of Florida and shares her life with two very spoiled English cocker spaniels who serve as the model for her books' covers. Learn more about Susan and her books at her website. 

I’m Married To A Serial Clipper!

Not a serial killer. Or a cereal killer. Nope. I’m married to a serial coupon clipper, who’ll clip any coupon, and shop in any store, for any item – even those we don’t need and will never use – just because he thinks he’s saving a few pennies.

And I bet I’m not the only woman who lives with a serial clipper. What is it about retired men and coupons? The longer my Personal Beloved is retired, the more coupons he clips. I mean, the man is so in love with his coupons that he springs up from bed on any given morning and heads right for the newspaper, scissors in hand. He’s quivering with excitement – the same way he used to quiver with excitement for, ahem, other reasons, back in the day. Way back in the last century. I call it Obsessive Coupon Disorder, OCD. And there’s no magical little blue pill to help with that problem, unfortunately.

In my sixth Baby Boomer mystery, Second Honeymoons Can Be Murder, my protagonist, Carol Andrews, is dealing with exactly the same issue with her retired husband, Jim. The good news for Carol, however, is that despite a few “setbacks,” no coupons were clipped to make the Florida trip happen. Jim actually left his scissors at home.
If any of you have tips for dealing with a serial clipper, please share them. Maybe we should start an online support group!

Second Honeymoons Can Be Murder
Carol Andrews can’t believe her luck when her husband, Jim, surprises her with a second honeymoon trip to Florida. But there’s a catch – it’s really a business trip, not the romantic getaway Carol expects. Jim’s been called out of retirement to create a marketing plan for a new television game show aimed at Baby Boomers, The Second Honeymoon Game, and the pilot episode will be shot in the Sunshine State. The honeymoon is really over when the show’s executive producer, none other than Carol’s grammar school boyfriend, winds up dead on Carol and Jim’s first night in Florida. And their son, Mike, is the police’s number one suspect.

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So funny! I didn't know that about Joe:-)