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Monday, February 27, 2017


I minored in photography in college, way back before digital, and learned to develop my own film and print my own photos. Photography has come a long way since then and it’s easier than ever. Today’s guest is Isabella Foreman who is here to talk about photography. A content writer by profession, she enjoys writing on a myriad of subjects, including weddings, travel, photography, photo Editing, career improvement, and cooking. She spends her off-work time with family and traveling to explore new places. She presently works for SmartPHOTOeditors as a freelancer.

Why You Should Invest More Time and Money in Your Photography
Photography can be a profession, an art, a hobby or a serious craft when one adds photo editing to the equation. All of these branches of photography as a career require investments. You need a camera, a tripod, lenses and bags to carry the gear with you. But, the investing doesn’t stop there. If you want to develop as a photographer and be able to take pro shots, the entire process will require you to invest more time and money.

If you have ever wondered why you should invest more in your photography, we are here to provide you with some answers. Here are three of them.

It is considered one the most interesting careers
As long as you are committed to the cause, the fact that you got your knowledge through a university, short course, workshop, online course, or through a mentor is not a big deal. Though getting a degree in photography might make it easier for you to start off your career, it is not necessarily the rule.

A career in photography is considered to be among the most interesting ones. When you invest money into it, not only will you be able to get your hands on the latest gear, but you will be able to learn from the recognized experts in the field. What makes this career different than others is that it also significantly leans on artistic talent and creativity. Sparking those always feels incredible.
You will meet a lot of new people and visit amazing places
The social aspect of this career is also important, in terms of meeting new clientele and learning from your college. When you invest money into going to workshops, you will have the opportunity to get feedback from dozens of skilled photographers on what you have to do in order to improve your work. Identifying the grow points for yourself as a photographer is quite difficult. If you are strictly focused on photography and don’t want to be bothered with editing, you might meet people whose photo editing services you can use for some of your shots.

Partnering up with colleagues is also something that follows up when you invest in your photography. Should you decide to learn how to shoot nature and architectural wonders, you will attend workshops around the globe, where you will practice your travel photography skills. As a photographer, you will have the chance to travel around the world.

There will always be a job
There will always be birthdays, weddings and other ceremonies that will require a photographer. By investing time and money, you will have much more experience, thus making your portfolio much better looking and increasing your chances of getting a job.

Furthermore, thanks to the Internet, photographers can sell their photos online via stock photo websites that specialize in this kind of thing. But in order to get your photos to stand out from the other photos on those websites, you will need to know how to make incredibly good shots.

This is something that comes from experience, the will to learn, and time. If you decide to go this way, you should know that post processing helps a lot and can turn an ugly duck of a photo into a beautiful swan. So, if you are not skilled as an editor, you can always consider buying photo editing services.

As you can see, the reasons for investing more time and money in your photography are very compelling. You will learn new skills, get your hands on top-notch gear, make money from either stock photo websites or contracts you sign, etc. As you rise to the top, you will get more experience, gather more contacts, and many doors will open for you, thus providing you with great opportunities for further advancement as a professional photographer.

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Angela Adams said...

Enjoyed your post, Isabella! I often regret not having taken a photography course in college (it would have been a general elective) because I seldom take a decent photo (smile!).