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Friday, November 10, 2017


Linda O’Connor started writing a few years ago when she needed a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at the local home décor store. It turns out she loves writing romantic comedies and has a few more stories to tell. When not writing, she’s a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic (well, even when she is writing she’s a physician, and it shows up in her stories :D ). Learn more about Linda and her books at her website. 

Along with the other authors of the Sultry Nights Boxed Set, I’m very excited to share a bit about our stories. We’ve put together a collection of contemporary romances in a variety of settings. My favourite ones are set in small towns. How can you not love them? The neighbors are nosy and the townspeople quirky, but they care about each other and look out for one another. Despite the slow pace of a small town, there can be excitement and intrigue simmering under the surface. I always imagine that passion runs deeper and love lasts longer in a small town, so for my happily-ever-after-craving heart it’s the perfect setting. Whether you enjoy the tranquil façade of a small town or the fast-paced, edgy thrill of a big city, you’ll find our stories have one thing in common – steamy sultry nights.

I’m very excited to share my latest release, Perfectly Crazy in Love, one of twenty-two romances featured in Sultry Nights.

Perfectly Crazy in Love
A Perfectly Series novella

Dr. Patty Kelt is trying to get Dr. Ken Marshall’s attention. They’ve been friends for four years, and it’s time to turn it up a notch. She wants him to see her as smart, competent, strong, and sexy. So far she’s just managed crazy.

Ken’s used to solving problems and giving advice. Crazy he could handle. But dealing with crazy in love? That’s entirely new.

Perfectly Crazy in Love…it’s not as easy as it looks.

Sultry Nights
Love, passion, romance and desire… No matter what your preference, this set of 22 hot and sexy reads has just what you need. From surprise love affairs to bad boys that we can’t help but fall for, and couples that were meant to be, this compilation from Romance Collections is sure to please. 

Authors include Nicole Morgan Jocelyn Dex, Alison Foster, Kate Richards, Linda O’Connor, Samantha Holt, Jerrie Alexander, Whitley Cox, Krista Ames, Ursula Sinclair, Measha Stone, Tuesday Embers, Siera London, Rachel Shane, Bonnie Phelps, Misha Elliott, Alyson Reynolds, Jenna Bayley-Burke, Madison Michael, Pepper Goodrich, Marcia James, and Destiny Blaine.


Linda O'Connor said...

Thanks so much for hosting me today! It's a pleasure to visit! :D

Angela Adams said...

I love bundles, Linda! Lots of great reads all in one place!! Best wishes with your release!!!

Linda O'Connor said...

Thanks so much Angela! It's true - the boxed set is a great way to find new favourite authors too! :D Thanks for stopping by.