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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today at Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers I’d like to introduce you to a special guest, author and self-defense instructor Melinda Leigh. Melinda holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She's also a founding member of the Liberty States Fiction Writers.  Melinda lives in the NJ suburbs with her husband, two kids, and a whole bunch of animals.  Her romantic suspense fiction has won writing awards across the country.
Melinda hosts Fight Like a Girl Southern NJ, a blog featuring effective and easy to learn self-defense for women. She’s also one of the bloggers at Attacking the Page, a blog about Martial Arts & Writing Action. Melinda, along with fellow bloggers Rayna Vause and Kathy Fawcett, will be stopping by Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers from time to time to offer practical safety tips for women. You can also visit Melinda at her website-- AP

Many people rely on trains and buses for transportation.  Unfortunately,  predators of all sorts troll these areas as well.   The following tips can help make your trip a safe one.
When riding on a bus or train, have your ticket or change ready so you do not have to get your wallet out.  Always wait in a well-lit area for your bus or train and wait near other people.  If possible, meet a friend there to wait with you, or even better, travel together.  A lone traveler is always more of a target than a group.  There’s safety in numbers.  If you do end up on the bus or train alone, sit close to the driver.   Don’t fall asleep.  Stay awake and alert at all times.  Don’t get so caught up in texting a friend or reading a book that you fail to notice who gets on and off.  You don’t need to stare to know who is around you and what they are doing.  Sit in an aisle seat so you won’t be blocked in. Keep your belongings on your person, with your purse strap over your shoulder and larger bags between your feet.
When you reach your destination, pay attention to who gets off at your stop.  If you think you are being followed, use the go-to-people principal.  Let the person know you see him and know where he is at all times.  If possible, have someone waiting for you, especially if your stop is isolated or dark.   If you’re going out with friends, make a pact that you will all leave together and make sure no one gets left behind.
Great tips, Melinda. Thanks for sharing, and we'll all look forward to seeing you, Rayna, and Kathy stopping by occasionally with more safety tips. Readers, do you have safety concerns? Let's hear from you. Anyone who posts a comment this week is entered in the drawing for a free book from out guest author on Book Club Friday. -- AP


Kttycat said...

Very good ideas to keep in mind the next time I visit family in New York.

Janet said...

These are good common sense tips. I think we all know them but it is helpful to have someone remind us of them. It is soooooo easy to forget.

Melinda Leigh said...

It's easy in the busy shuffle of life to forget about personal safety. Thanks for stopping by, ladies.

stay safe,


Thanks so much for guesting today, Melinda. We look forward to seeing more of your safety tips.

jennymilch said...

I love this theme and hope you'll come back to KC&CK, Melinda! Thanks for the good advice...