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Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I thought I'd share with you a few of my sewing machine tips.

1. If you use a portable sewing machine, place a carpet sample under the machine to eliminate vibrations as you sew. You can find these at any carpet store, often for free.

2. Prevent your foot pedal from sliding around by attaching a piece of anti-slop rug backing to the bottom of the pedal.

3. Keep a spray bottle filled with water near your sewing machine to remove fabric marks made by water-soluble marking pens.

4. Attach a self-adhesive magnetic strip across the front of your sewing machine to hold needles and pins as you sew.

5. Buy a can of “air” at your local camera shop. Use it to clean your bobbin case and around the feed dog.

6. Mascara brushes are wonderful for cleaning your sewing machine. Just make sure the brush is a clean, unused one!

7. Attach a small plastic bag to the side of your sewing machine to hold clipped threads as you work.

Got a favorite sewing tip you’d like to share? Let’s hear from you. Everyone who posts a comment this week is entered in a drawing to win a free book from our Book Club Friday guest author this week.


Constance Josephine Antionette Gropper-Erb said...

My sewing tip is that on my craft table that I use to cut out my patterns on, I have attached a tape measure right to the table. It is much easier to measure and align things without having to look all over for it and then unroll it, trying all the time to keep it straight and in one place. I love your blog and all the tips you give. How's this for a name for the book.


Thanks for the great tip, Constance! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. Great name, too!