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Monday, January 17, 2011


Today I’m bringing you more sewing tips.

*Have you ever wished you had a cutting table like the ones in the fabric stores -- the kind with a “V” down the center for inserting your scissors to make a straight cut? If you have a kitchen or dining room table that has leaves, you have such a table! Simply open the table slightly, lay your fabric even with the edge of the table, and cut along the gap.

*Keep organized by storing scraps of fabric, ribbon, lace, and notions in individual see-through plastic storage containers. Finding a 6” piece of pink ribbon for a bow is much easier when its’ not hiding amidst zippers and bias tape.

*When buying fabric, ask to have the cardboard bolt if you’ve bought the end of the fabric. Wrap your fabrics around these bolts to store them stacked on a shelf.

*Keep spools of thread and bobbins of matching colors together by threading them through a chenille stem and twisting the ends together.

*Save those slivers of soap from the shower. They’re great for marking dark fabrics. Remove the marking by rubbing with a used dryer sheet.

*If you have a favorite tissue paper pattern you know you’ll be using many times, use fusible web to fuse the pieces to unbleached muslin for a long-lasting pattern.


Kathy said...

What a great tip about using the space between the leaf and the table to cut fabric. I never would have thought of that. The soap sliver tip was a new one to me too.


Thanks for stopping by, Kathy. Glad you found the tips helpul.