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Monday, February 28, 2011


Today I’m back with even more sewing tips.

*Apply fusible batting to the wrong side of fabric for stuffed animals or dolls before sewing the pieces together. This will give a smoother finish to your project when you stuff it.

*To avoid skipped stitches when machine sewing fake fur that has a shiny finish on the wrong side, trace over the seam line with chalk or a bar of white, unscented soap.

*When sewing Velcro to fabric, place wax paper on top of the Velcro and under the fabric to prevent skipped stitches. When you’re finished stitching, simply tear away the wax paper.

*Use a Post-It Note to hold your place when following complicate sewing directions from a pattern or book so you won’t accidentally skip an important step.

*Ballpoint pen ink can be removed from fabric by spraying the area with hair spray before hand or machine washing it.

*To get a smoother, cleaner edge when using pinking shears, place a piece of paper underneath the fabric and cut through the paper and fabric at the same time.

*To puff quilt batting and remove the wrinkles, unroll it and let it lie flat for a week before using it.

*Stuffed animals and pillows can be dusted by placing them in the dryer on the air only cycle for about fifteen minutes.

*For a quick way to finish the edges of appliqué pieces, sew each piece, right sides together, to a piece of interfacing. Make a slash in the center of the interfacing, turn the piece right-side out, and press.

*When attaching safety eyes to stuffed animals and dolls, apply clear nail polish to the placement spot and allow to dry before poking a hole through the fabric. This will strengthen the fabric, keeping it from tearing or stretching when poked.

Have a tip I haven’t mentioned? We’d love to have you post it. 
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Kathy said...

Thanks for all the great tips. Most of them were new to me.