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Monday, February 21, 2011


Awhile back I gave you some sewing tips. Today, some more.

*Make sure your sewing machine is working properly. Remember, a sewing machine in a lot like a car. It needs to go in for a “tune up” every ten thousand miles or so.

*Always begin a project with a new needle in your machine, and make sure you’re using the correct size and type of needle for the weight and type of fabric being stitched.

*Use a hair dryer on the coolest setting for a blast of air to blow dirt away from your sewing machine.

*Stuff pin cushions with non-soap filled steel wool pads to keep your pins and needles sharp.

*When gathering a long piece of fabric with double thread, thread the needle from two different spools and don’t cut the thread. This will prevent the thread from twisting and knotting as you gather.

*To work elastic through small casings, thread the elastic through a large-eyed tapestry needle. Secure the other end with a safety pin, and push the needle eye-first through the casing. For larger casings, use a plastic-head diaper pin instead of a safety pin. The plastic head will slide through the fabric easier, and the pin will not accidentally open as you work.

*If you find it difficult to remove the paper backing from fusible web, score the paper with a needle or straight pin. Begin removing at the scoring. The paper should pull off a lot more easily.

*To keep thread from tangling as you sew, run a fabric softener sheet over the length of the thread.

*When sewing with double thread, always knot the ends separately. They’ll be less likely to tangle.

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