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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Beauty editor Nicole Emmerling talked about taming the Frizz Monster in a previous post. Today she’s back with another solution to frizzy hair. -- AP

Recognize the person in the photo above? That’s Jennifer Lopez, recently named the world’s most beautiful woman. And she’s wearing her hair in a bun. The bun is a very versatile hairstyle and one that’s great for when you don’t want to have to think about how your hair is holding up in summer’s humidity or when you need to wash your hair but don’t have time. Buns go everywhere from morning to late at night. You can wear a bun to exercise class, to the opera, and everywhere in-between.

Pretty much anything goes with a bun. It can be sleek and severe or loose and messy. Worn on the side, at the nape of the neck, or high on the head as seen in the photos above.

There’s really only one style to avoid when creating a bun -- the Princess Leia bun.

Buns are also great for working moms pressed for time in the morning! Thanks, Nicole. Readers, post a comment to enter the drawing for a book from this week's Book Club Friday guest author. -- AP


Cathy Shouse said...

Interesting. My tomboy 6th grader has taken to wearing a bun which is definitely "messy." Didn't know there were categories! Today for her first day of school, I required her to go with a pony tail because of the messiness. She has thick, curly hair.

Can you suggest any tools that will make the bun neater? Can a bun be too messy?


Cathy, have you tried using a bun donut? Here's a video that shows how they work: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1sdRx_hP08