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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Few of us have the bucks to redecorate, yet who among us hasn’t grown bored with the status quo? Decorating editor Jeanie Sims has some quick fixes to bring new life to old rooms on the cheap. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia. We grow so used to seeing things in our homes that we actually stop noticing them. So my first suggestion is to relocate various items, either within a room or by moving them from room to room.

Try switching around the artwork and photos throughout your house. Instead of hanging all your artwork and photographs, layer some of them by propping them on a chest or table placed up against a wall, overlapping the frames slightly.

Top of tall bookcase used to display eclectic teapot collection
Next, think of your bookcases as more than just shelves for books, and think of those books as pieces of art to be displayed. Organize books by color. Stack some instead of shelving them all upright, and place collectibles on top of and between the books. Don’t forget the top of the bookcase. Even a tall one can be used as a display area. Paint the back wall of the bookcase in a contrasting color or wallpaper it.

Lamps will look brand new with the purchase of new lampshades. Buy inexpensive ones and add your own decorative touch by gluing gimp or beading around the perimeter.

Sofa or chair looking worn? Drape a fabric shawl over the back of it and add a few inexpensive throw pillows.

Throw pillows looking a bit worn or dated? Make inexpensive slipcovers for them by purchasing remnants at the fabric store. Make several for each pillow and switch them up for the changing seasons or for holidays.
Love the look of fresh flowers but can’t afford to fill your house with them weekly? Collect fallen branches from trees. Spray paint them white or in colors that complement your room. Fill a glass vase with them. Or fill a bowl with pine cones or sea shells and use as a table centerpiece.

Great ideas, Jeanie! And I especially love the ones that don’t cost anything. What about you, readers? Do you have any quick and easy decorating ideas to share? Let’s hear from you. Post a comment to enter the drawing for a book from this week's Book Club Friday guest author.  -- AP


Victoria Hamilton said...

Love, love, LOVE the teapots!! I'm trying to incorporate my collections in my decor, more, too.


Victoria, do you collect teapots or something else?