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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Health editor Janice Kerr has something for all of us to think about today and keep in mind the next time we go clothes shopping. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia!

Do you launder new clothing, towels, and linens before you use them? Frankly, I never thought to do so until I read a recent article, and it got me thinking about all those items I purchase off the rack at clothing and department stores. How many people have touched those items, leaving all sorts of nasty germs on them? Studies have shown that germs are lurking on those piles of silk panties and stacks of T-shirts at your favorite stores.

Have I made you uncomfortable? I made myself uncomfortable. There’s a certain ick factor here we just don’t think about but should. Common sense dictates that anything not sold in a sealed package should be laundered first before wearing. Keep that in mind the next time you purchase anything from undergarments to pj’s to bathing suits to T-shirts. Or just about any piece of clothing for yourself and your family. Towels, too.

Well, that certainly creeped me out! What about you, readers? Have you ever laundered new clothing items before wearing them? Will you now? 
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Kathy said...

I knew about laundering clothes because people paw through them and try them on, but I never thought about washing towels and linens first. Thanks for the tip.

Liz V. said...

Remember the days when shirts etc. came in packaging? People routinely wore gloves? And, maybe even stayed home when ill? Launder, yes!

Theresa said...

I always launder everything I purchase even if it's pre-packaged and wrapped. These days you can't be careful enough. Wow, that I see this in writing, maybe I'm over-obsessed.