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Monday, October 17, 2011


Make this easy, no-sew Christmas topiary to coordinate with the country wreath from September 5th for a great holiday gift or to decorate your own home. -- AP

6” Styrofoam cone
1/4 yd. green cotton print fabric
small amount of contrasting fabric
sequin pins
3” clay pot
small amount of floral foam
9” length 1/4” diameter dowel
Spanish moss
eight 1” wooden stars
tacky glue

1. Rip the green fabric into 1” strips. Press. Cut strips into 3” lengths.

2. Pin a strip over top of cone. Pin a second strip in opposite direction over top of cone.

3. Fold strip in half. Pin to bottom of cone with cut edge 1/2” above bottom edge of cone. Continue pinning strips around bottom of cone, overlapping sides slightly.

4. Pin a second row of folded strips above first row, staggering strips so they don’t line up with previous row, and overlapping folded edge of second row 1/2” below cut edge of first row.

5. Continue pinning rows around cone as above. For the last row, glue cut ends of fabric together with tacky glue, then glue to cone instead of using pins.

6. Glue floral foam into clay pot.

7. Glue one end of dowel into bottom center of cone and other end into floral foam.

8. Rip a piece of contrasting fabric 1” x 15”. Make a bow from the strip and pin to top of cone.

9. Glue Spanish moss over floral foam.

10. Rip another piece of contrasting fabric 1” x 13” and glue around lip of pot.

11. Glue wooden stars evenly spaced around fabric covered lip.

Make five or six topiaries, all the same or using different fabrics. Place them on a runner on your dining room table for a centerpiece or line them up on a mantle. Make three with different size cones and clay pots for a grouping on a sideboard or end table. What else could you do with them? Let’s hear from you. Post a comment to enter the drawing for a free e-book from our Book Club Friday guest author.
 -- AP

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