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Thursday, August 14, 2014


Storm Lake
It was culture shock when a city girl from D.C. moved to Louisiana thirty years ago. Rural back roads, country living, and critters! And so much bad weather. In the South, Livia Quinn’s childhood fear of storms became an irresistible preoccupation. She survived tornado outbreaks, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Isaac, and the Mississippi River flood. All became fodder for the Storm Lake series, a sometimes magical, always mysterious lake about which Livia has written several paranormal novels based in Destiny, and romantic suspense novels set in Larue and Thunder Point. Today Livia takes us on a tour of the area. Learn more about Livia and her books at her website.  

Welcome to Storm Lake
The Storm Lake Tourism and Development Board describes the towns surrounding the lake as a topographical mixing pot of swamps, vast areas of open waterways, and deep-water seiches—the ultimate fishing and vacation experience. There are many activities to choose from, including charter fishing, nature walks, tours of the studios in Larue, known as “Hollywood South,” and even surfing. Infamous for its crazy weather, the tourism board encourages businesses to promote both the lake’s attractions and its mysterious nature. (See the Accommodations Page for information on lodging around the lake.)


On the west end: Destiny
Some people swear there have been sightings of supernatural beings near Destiny, a vast area of swamps and bayous, a wetlands dream.

Features: A scenic drive around the west end from Hugo to Amity, but no accommodations in Destiny at this time. There is a B&B, but it is booked year round and there is no waiting list.

Author Tip: It is rumored that a family of storm-wielding Paramortals have lived here for thousands of years. The good news: it is said their purpose is to protect humans and weaker species. That does leave some to wonder… protect us from what?

A sunset cruise from Hugo to Fierce Winds Island looking toward Destiny affords some spectacular photo opportunities.
On the southeast side: Larue
“Hollywood South” boasts many studios in the country’s third largest film producing state. Larue’s proximity to New Orleans means plenty of venues and film ventures for visitors to both spectate and even participate as extras.

Features: Knights Production Inc. uses current and former military or law enforcement professionals in their photo shoots.

Author Tip: Visit some of your favorite movie sites that have appeared on screen, or sit in on a photo shoot for a romance novel cover like this one. Make your reservations with Buffy Romano at Knights. You might even get lucky and meet a movie star!

Thunderpoint: Directly east from Destiny, across 35 miles of open water lies Thunderpoint, an area protected by the sea walls from the seiches and violent weather that travels the length of the lake and picks up steam in deeper waters. Those same deep waters offer some of the best charter fishing and awesome inland surfing.

Features: Golf course, airport, charter fishing, dinner cruise, jazz breakfast cruise, lightning lab, RV campgrounds & cabins.

Author Tip: If you’re fascinated by weatherological issues, you might enjoy a trip to the Point and a visit with local weather scientist Brenna McLaren, who operates a privately funded lightning forensics lab right at the edge of Storm Lake. Check in at the marina, rent a lakeside cabin or stay in one of the many secluded campgrounds

On the north shore: Campbell Green
Gambpell Green, a self-sustainable GREEN farm with a long Scottish heritage, was recently taken over by a former ad exec from NYC with ties to the original landowners. Mystiq Campbell has been the driving force in the all-GREEN environment. If there’s an issue with the ecosystem on the lake you can contact mystiq here: mystiqcampbell@campbellgreen.com

Features: Five star restaurant on the northern bank.

To the South:
Twin Lakes Convention Center offers a full range of convention facilities and a sparkling new venue. See the Twin Lakes page for full details.

PLEASE NOTE: There are many great attractions around Storm Lake. There’s only one problem—the lake exists only in Livia Quinn’s fertile mind.

Storm Crazy
Storm Lake—Is it Mayberry or Middle Earth?
To say I was having a bad day would be like saying Katrina dropped a little rain on the Gulf Coast. My name is Tempest Pomeroy. I’m a mail carrier in Destiny, Louisiana, and a Paramortal like my family. Or I’m supposed to be. If I didn’t have a few little talents, I’d think I was adopted.

Before I left for work, I discovered my brother’s amphora missing from the mantle—that’s genie bottle to you mere-mortals. On my first delivery, a handsome scantily clad doctor triggered some sort of hallucination with just a touch. Pheromones? Then one of my customers had a stroke while reading me the riot act over a piece of mail, but I saved the old grouch with a zap of my Zeus juice, just before Destiny’s hunky new sheriff showed up.

He made another appearance when the owner of Flowers by Dick filed a complaint against me for dropping a seventy-five pound box on his foot. Yeah, I did it, but it was kind of an accident. He put his hand where it didn’t belong and I… sorta dropped the box. Things went downhill from there. I discovered a dead body in the clubhouse and rescued my brother’s bottle from a locker, bashing it in with a Greg Norman wedge. And wouldn’t you know - him again.

I’ve denied my heritage as a Tempestaerie for too long. Now, my mother’s out of pocket, my brother’s missing and the sheriff thinks one of us is guilty of murder. Is it any wonder I’m calling this the worst M.A.L.E day of my life?

Oh, and the sheriff? He thought he’d settled in a normal small town to raise his teenage daughter. Like Mayberry. We’ll see how that turns out… Things better settle down soon, ‘cause I’m about to go Storm Crazy.

Storm Crazy, the first book in the Destiny Paramortals is free today: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L02VHE0 


Cadence Denton said...

Looks like there's a lot going on at the lake. Can you speak a bit on the wildlife around and in its waters?

Livia Quinn said...

Hi, Cadence
Like all Louisiana settings there are plenty of gators, frogs, mosquitoes, deer, even bear have been reintroduced. But in Destiny, you may come across locals who appear to be human but shift into other forms- birds, chameleons, sasquatch, dragons. Keep your eyes open as you tour the bayous.

Lani said...

Oh, great post! You book sounds wonderful! Going to check it out!

Livia Quinn said...

Thanks, Lani. I hope you enjoy it.

Angela Adams said...

Interesting reading...thanks for the post!

livia Quinn said...

I appreciate you dropping by the tour, Angela.

Melissa Keir said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting town. I hope it's not too dangerous for us mere humans. We'd love to visit too!

All the best. :)

Cathy Perkins said...

I love the names of your "towns" and the locals sound like they keep it "never a dull moment"

Marissa Garner said...

Wow, what an awesome imagination! Can't wait to get to your books in my Kindle TBR pile. Congrats!

Livia Quinn said...

LOL, Melissa. If you're worried you can stick to the east end, you know tour the studios and bump into the sexy cover models.

Cathy, yes, that's the way they like it. Adds to the lake's allure!

Marissa, I know that pile is growing too as busy as you are.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope to see you somewhere on SL.