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Monday, November 10, 2014


USA Today and New York Times, bestselling author, Lynn Cahoon is an Idaho native. If you’d visit the town where she grew up, you’d understand why her mysteries and romance novels focus around the depth and experience of small town life. Currently, she’s living in a small historic town on the banks of the Mississippi river where her imagination tends to wander. Learn more about Lynn and her books at her website. 

The lost art of crafting.. Or is it?
In high school, I took a home arts class. I learned to knit, crochet, hand sew, and quilt in that nine-week session. As a young mother, I learned cross-stitch from a group of neighborhood woman. Our stitching sessions mixed a play date for the kids as well as a much-needed social outlet for my busy work and home life.

I used to pull out my latest craft project to work on while I was watching television or visiting with relatives. I had a favorite fabric store right on my way home from work.

Then I didn’t. I don’t know why I stopped. No time maybe, or without a kid in the house, I had more time for outside interests. Like writing or 4-wheeling.

As winter approaches, I’m drawn back to my projects. The thought of crocheting an afghan or blanket while it grows and covers my lap is appealing. My sewing machine is out on the dining room table and my fat squares are waiting to be cut into quilt pieces.

I’ve found new, more specialty stores that feed my addiction. We visited a small, mountain town last summer that had a quilt shop, a place for locals to buy their fat squares. I have a large craft store in the next town. At the worst, I can hit the local Walmart for the basics.

But my new go-to craft shop and instruction stop is the Internet. YouTube has amazing videos on beginning quilting or trying a new pattern. My sister introduced me to a few Facebook groups that share patterns, ask questions, and show off projects all on line. Now, you don’t have to wait for a like-minded cross-stitcher to move into your neighborhood. You can be part of a group of ten or ten thousands who enjoy the craft all on your own time and schedule.

I’m a visual learner, so watching a video about a new stitch or pattern gives me the chance to practice right alongside the computer. And I can hit replay as many times as I want without any judgment or pressure to learn at my teacher’s speed.

So have you tried learning something new using YouTube? Or are you part of any crafting online groups?

If the Shoe Kills
The tourist town of South Cove, California, is a lovely place to spend the holidays. But this year, shop owner Jill Gardner discovers there’s no place like home for homicide. . .

As owner of Coffee, Books, and More, Jill Gardner looks forward to the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers. But when the mayor ropes her into being liaison for a new work program, 'tis the season to be wary. Local businesses are afraid the interns will be delinquents, punks, or worse. For Jill, nothing’s worse than Ted Hendricks--the jerk who runs the program. After a few run-ins, Jill’s ready to kill the guy. That, however, turns out to be unnecessary when she finds Ted in his car--dead as a doornail. Officer Greg assumes it’s a suicide. Jill thinks it’s murder. And if the holidays weren’t stressful enough, a spoiled blonde wants to sue the city for breaking her heel. Jill has to act fast to solve this mess--before the other shoe drops. . .

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Angela Adams said...

Like the name of the shop, "Coffee, Books, and More!"

Lynn Cahoon said...

Thanks Angela - Jill likes to leave her options open... More is cheesecake, and cookies and whatever Pies on the Fly drops off. :)

Kathleen Chrisman said...

I purchased the first in this series Guidebook to Murder in June on my Nook. I wanted something new and they had it at a special rate. I fell in love with the characters and the town. I read it in two days and wanted more. I was not happy to find out I had to wait a month for the next book to come out. It was worth the wait as I'm sure this newest book will be! Thank you for creating such a great world for us to visit.

Lynn Cahoon said...

Kathleen, what a nice comment. Thank you for letting me know... And sorry, book 4 - Dressed to Kill is due out June 23rd - 2015 :)