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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


One of the most inexpensive ways to add framed art to your home is to use botanical illustrations. This is artwork, often done in watercolor, that depicts plant species in vivid detail.

The first record of botanical illustrations dates back to 512 AD, but it was the eighteenth century that saw the birth of the botanical illustrator, thanks to printing advances and the emergence of amateur botanists, gardeners and natural historians.

Today it’s easy to find reproductions of these illustrations, both already framed and unframed. Consider buying a series of four or more floral botanicals and framing them in individual inexpensive wooden frames to group on a bedroom or foyer wall.

Vegetable and fruit botanicals work well in kitchens and dining rooms. You can find botanicals that feature multiple images on one print or individual images. 
Ferns and other leaves are also popular botanical motifs. The botanical illustration is also versatile due to the variety of sizes in which the prints are available. Simply choose the size or sizes that work best for your wall space.


Angela Adams said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!


Glad you enjoyed the post, Angela!