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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


photo by Siilfehler
Dentists tell us we should floss daily. But did you know that dental floss has uses beyond maintaining dental hygiene? How about when it comes to decorating? You’re laughing? Keep reading.

Years ago we all kept our family photos in those photo albums with the sticky pages and clear plastic covers. We eventually learned that the materials used in those albums were discoloring and destroying our photos. If you’re like me, you began replacing all those photo albums with ones that contained archival quality papers and adhesive tapes that didn’t contain acids.

If you haven’t transferred your photos yet or are in the process of doing so, you may have found that sometimes the photos are extremely hard to remove from those albums. Pull too hard, and you risk tearing the photo. Solution: dental floss! To separate stuck-on photos from the pages of old albums, gently saw a piece of dental floss back and forth between the photo and the page. This also works well for photos that have become stuck to the glass of a picture frame.

A good quality dental floss is also the perfect go-to for hanging lightweight frames on the wall. Wire can scratch your walls; dental floss won’t. Tip: use a double or triple strand of floss for added strength.


Angela Adams said...

Great information -- especially the tip on hanging frames. Thanks!


Thanks, Angela!