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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Photo by Onderwijsgek
Baby powder has fallen out of use for most parents. However, even if you no longer sprinkle it on infant bottoms, baby powder has a multitude of uses. One of them is something I know will benefit many of our readers.

Those of you who read this blog because you’re fans of genre fiction probably have bookcases filled with your “keeper” books, those books that you’ve read over and over again throughout the years and can’t possibly part with because they’re your favorites. The problem with books, though, is that after a few years they begin to smell musty, especially if you live in certain climates. And if you have allergies, that musty smell is probably preventing you from enjoying that favorite read.

Baby powder to the rescue!

To rid your books of that mustiness, sprinkle baby powder on the pages. Place the book in a plastic bag, and let it sit for a week. Then shake or brush out the powder. The musty smell will be gone, and you’ll once again be able to spend time losing yourself with your favorite characters.