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Monday, August 1, 2016


Award winning author Alina K. Field earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English and German literature, and after several very, very, very cold years in Chicago, moved to Southern California.  Learn more about her and her books at her website.  

Long before I started writing romance books, I threw myself into sewing and knitting. My less than perfect skills were good for something—they wowed and won over my husband-to-be’s old school, sometimes difficult mother!

Later, as a Cub Scout leader, I branched out to more “manly” crafts. I purchased a scroll saw and, oh my, did the boys and I have fun! My family still hauls out the “Greased Lightning” pink pig trivet every Thanksgiving, especially if my now-grown son shows up with a girlfriend.

The scroll saw is gathering dust in the garage, and I spend far more time at the computer than anywhere else. But when I’m stuck in a story, I fall back on those other crafts to unknot my brain and free up my muse.

Sometimes I sew. When I was thirteen, my mother sent me for lessons, and I’ve taken classes in everything from making slipcovers to suits. Alas, my usual wardrobe is not haute couture, and ready-made clothing often costs less, certainly takes less time, and usually looks better than my home-sewn projects. Now I limit myself to sewing pillowcases and the Regency gowns I can’t find at Macy’s.

More often you’ll find me knitting. Through the years, I’ve knitted cardigans and pullovers, afghans and baby booties, scarves and purses. Not always perfectly of course. Some projects required revisions that were a little trickier than editing a manuscript.

My most recent completed project was the hat pictured at the top of this post. When I spotted it on Facebook, I knew I had to make it, because look at those OWLS! Growing up, my daughter was crazy for them. She’s twenty-six now, but I still pick up the occasional owl for her.

So I decided to surprise her with this hat, something she could pull on for Halloween. But first, I made this practice piece out of scrap yarn. Thank goodness, because it would never have fit—it’s now the proud property of my three-year old niece!

Next step: find where I stashed the pattern and dig into the math part of my brain to make those darn edits!

If you’re interested in making this owl hat, you can find the pattern here: http://julieiscocoandcocoa.com/product/owl-hat-knit-pattern/

Liliana’s Letter
The Matchmaker meets the Matchbreaker

A promise to his long-dead sister forces Lord Grigsby into society to broker his disreputable nephew’s marriage to an heiress—if only the young lady’s starchy hired companion would move out of the way.

Liliana’s future depends on her wealthy charge’s successful marriage, but her own close encounter with a scoundrel steels her resolve to save the girl from the jaded man—if only she can dodge his handsome uncle.

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Alina K. Field said...

Thanks for having me as a guest today!

Alanna Lucas said...

Love the owl hat!

Tari said...

I LOVE finding out what other way writers indulge their creativity! Love that you sew and knit! And scroll saw? Wow. I'm really impressed. As the mother of three sons I'm ashamed to say I've never touched a garage power tool! What a great family treasure to bring out every Thanksgiving!

Alina K. Field said...

Thanks, Alanna and Tari! And Tari, you would love scroll-sawing. I look at the saw every now and then and am so tempted to have a go at some Christmas ornaments!

Angela Adams said...

Love the hat!

Alina K. Field said...

Thanks, Angela! The next one will be in black with white eyes!