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Monday, June 19, 2017


If you’re a serious knitter or crocheter, you probably know about yarn bowls. For those of you unfamiliar with yarn bowls, they're decorative bowls, usually made of wood or ceramic, specially designed to hold a ball of yarn and keep it from tangling as you knit or crochet. Yarn bowls are generally handcrafted works of art that can be quite expensive. You can check some out here

You don’t need to spend a fortune for a yarn bowl, though. You can make one yourself with a bowl and a banker’s clip. It isn’t beautiful, but it serves the purpose.

No banker’s clips on hand? Use a colander. Or a produce netting bag. Place your yarn in the colander or bag and thread the yarn through one of the holes.

A few months ago I shared photos of some of the teapots I’ve collected over the years. These are mostly only for display purposes, but there are a few I do brew tea in. I also use some of them occasionally as yarn bowls.

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