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Sunday, August 19, 2018


This doll is a double-offender--sewn and knitted!
Good grief! Don’t tell anyone, but I just learned I’m a crafting scofflaw! There are actually laws on the books in New Jersey that I unknowingly violated for years. Me! Goody Two Shoes! Right now I’m quaking in those shoes, terrified the law is going to catch up with me.

My crimes? Sewing dolls and their clothing and knitting without record keeping. Stop laughing! This is serious!

N.J.S. 34:6-131 states, “The manufacturing, altering, repairing or finishing in whole or in part of any dolls, dolls’ clothing in any tenement house is hereby prohibited.” 

I lived in an apartment in Newark for several years. I’m thinking that qualifies as a tenement of sorts. But even if it doesn’t and I’m off the hook for the dolls and doll clothing I made back then, I still have to contend with N.J.S. 34:6-130.1 According to that law, since 1940, anyone who knits at home in New Jersey “shall keep a daily record of work done, and all employers in said industry shall likewise keep and maintain a record of the daily work done…for a period of two years.”

I never kept any records of my knitting. Didn’t know I had to. I wonder what the statute of limitations is for these two crimes. I’d do a bit of research, but I’m afraid to call attention to myself. Maybe I need to go into hiding.


Kathleen Kaska said...

You're kidding! I'm sure you're safe, though. There probably is a statue of limitations on that crazy law. There's a law still on the books in Texas making it illegal to carry wire-cutters in your back pocket.


Great! Now I have to worry about making sure my wire-cutters are in a front pocket next time I'm in Texas! Thanks for the heads-up, Kathleen!

Lee Ann said...

I love archaic laws...if you want to have fun, send a copy of it to your State Assemblyperson and ask them in a serious letter to rescind the law and give you a pardon.


LOL! That's priceless, Lee Ann!

authorlindathorne said...

This was cute. I know about archaic laws and they're always interesting to hear about, but I loved the way you played with the words to put this together. This was a reading treat.


Thanks, Linda! So glad you enjoyed it.

Helen Henderson said...

Enjoyed the post. Didn't know about the record-keeping required if you knit at home. And it didn't even specify if you were going to sell the items. Thanks for letting me know I've been a scofflaw for decades. Good thing I moved out-of-state.


LOL, Helen! Hopefully, Big Brother hasn't been watching us. Thanks for stopping by.