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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


What she really wanted to do was teleport. She settled for the next best thing.
Every so often a guest blogger bails, usually for a legitimate reason. Life gets in the way, and that’s understandable. Such was the case with today’s scheduled guest. So I turned to my author. I figure, given all the dead bodies Lois Winston throws in my path, the least she can do is take over occasionally when I have a blog hole to fill. Right?

As luck would have it, Lois and her husband recently returned from a cruise up to New England and Canada, and Lois was able to fulfill a lifelong dream. No, she didn’t teleport (after all, the signs on the ship forbade it), but she did get to do the next best thing. She got to fly.
Lois Winston flying like Superman. 
The ship they were on featured iFly, which is billed as indoor skydiving, but according to Lois, really isn’t. You don’t jump and plummet several thousand feet. Instead, you soar on a cushion of controlled air. According to Lois, it really does feel like you’re flying.

Lois said the experience was totally amazing. The one downside? It only lasted a little more than a minute before it was the next person’s turn to fly.

Now I'm wondering if she's going to have me flying in my next adventure--or perhaps teleporting? You never know what trouble she'll get me into.


Vicki Batman, sassy writer said...

I so want to do this sometime. Did it take a long time to get suited and queued?

Mary E said...

Sounds like a fun experience. I'm not a fan of heights, so the perfect answer to skydiving? LOL Enjoyed your blog.


Laura Brennan said...

I did it over this past summer for the first time -- super fun! Vicki, it didn't take too long -- we made reservations, and then they have you watch a safety video. Putting on the suit was just putting on a big jumpsuit, plus earplugs and a helmet. Lois, I, too, would rather teleport -- but flying is pretty good, too! :)


You should definitely try it, Vicki. We had to make an appointment, so there was no waiting. They took up to 6 people at a time. We had 4 in our group. You sit through a tutorial movie first, then an instructor shows you the 4 hand signals he'll be using because it's too noisy to be heard in the wind tunnel. Then it's up to the tunnel and flying fun!


Laura, maybe some day we'll be able to teleport. Hope I'm not too old when it happens!


Mary, you're really not very far off the ground with this, and you're cushioned by the air the entire time.