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Friday, June 5, 2020


Today we welcome back Odalys Munoz for a second visit to tell you about her newest book. When twenty-seven year old Odalys was two months old, she and her mother were in a car accident. She’s been in a wheelchair and on a ventilator ever since, but cognitively intact. Learn more about her and her books at her website. 

I hope everyone is doing okay during these uncertain times, thankfully my family and I are doing well. When I began writing my latest book, I was thinking about what I always wanted to read about on a personal level and I came up with this.

I’m extremely grateful to have both parents when some don’t have any, but my father hasn’t always been the best. So I wrote the male character based on the father I wish I had. I became a writer because I realized that I had a lot of thoughts in my mind begging to be released, plus I really wanted to help my family. 

I live with my parents and eleven-year-old brother, but I’m closest to my mother. I love helping people, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need someone to talk to. I know that everyone is having a hard time right now, especially those of you who have kids that are being home schooled right now. 

A few weeks ago, I found a program where celebrities are reading to kids, it’s called #operationstorytime. I hope that it will help you out, at least enough that you can get some things done around the house while your kids listen to story time. 

Vampire Caregiver
This book is about a vampire who suddenly becomes the guardian of a handicapped woman on a ventilator named Lindsay Sanchez. Juan tries to keep her safe but circumstances keep getting in the way. Will Lindsay ever be safe from the people after her? Turn the pages to find out. 

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