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Wednesday, November 9, 2022


Paranormal cozy author Avery Daniels resides in Colorado with two brother black cats as her spirited companions and volunteers at a cat shelter. She enjoys scrapbooking, card making, photography, painting and crochet. Learn more about Avery and her books at her website where you'll also find links to her other social media.

Affirmations and a Positive Thought Vampire?

I knew I wanted to write a paranormal cozy mystery, but the standard is to make the main character a witch. I wanted to stand out, so I told myself the witch would make a good sidekick, but not the heroine. So, I went with a vampire.


Vampires aren’t very cozy, so I had my work cut out for me. First, I wanted her to counter the standard image of a vampire. I gave her curly blond hair and glasses and named her Misty Summers. She’s like an adult version of Shirley Temple. That’s a good start but I had to make her more unique to break the barrier some folks have against a vampire lead for a cozy mystery.


What would be the most against-type characteristic for Misty Summers? What about a vampire who is a positive thought believer, who says affirmations and is working on being the best person she can be, who reads self-help books and has a heart for helping people? She a sunny, fun vampire.


In the process I had to get a little more into what affirmations were to have Misty be a believer. But to understand affirmations, we must address the inner critic. Everyone has an inner critic. Some have a more aggressive critic than others. In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey refers to it as the scripts that have been handed to us by parents, society, cultural influence, friends, co-workers etc. It is the concept of how other’s perception of us and our behavior shapes that inner critic, so we perpetuate that perception with our inner thought life. 


Have you ever heard of the "self-fulfilling prophecy?" It’s the theory that, if you believe in a certain outcome, you will act in accordance with your belief of the outcome in such a manner that you actually bring about that outcome. So, if your inner critic keeps telling you that you really don’t deserve such-and-such or people like you don’t get such lucky breaks etc. you are likely to act in a way to make sure you don't get it.


Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.
- Patrick Overton


Before long that inner critic can become the self-saboteur of our lives. But we can start to address our self-defeating inner thoughts with a technique called Affirmations. And that is what my “look on the sunny side” Misty Summers does. She uses affirmations to deal with her lacking self-esteem from her uninterested parents. 


Affirmations are constructive, positive statements that you repeat to yourself aloud at least once daily. More often is better. Many make it part of their morning and evening ritual to incorporate it into their habits. Affirmations don’t work miracles, so if you don’t like yourself or have some deep traumas, this won’t work. Affirmations are a slow reprogramming of established outlooks. It will take a while to work, but it does help shift that negative talk as you become more aware of it and consciously reject them with new constructive thoughts.


If you are interested, you can write your own affirmations. The book Self-Esteem for Dummies by S. Renee Smith provides many tips


In the first book, Misty Summers uses affirmations to deal with becoming a vampire. She keeps saying them every morning. She will continue to use affirmation in future books, but as she grows and adjusts I’m sure she will develop new ones to help her where she is at in the moment. I really like this aspect of my newly turned vampire dealing with her extreme life changes with as much positivity as she can. Will she still struggle? Absolutely, but she will keep looking for the silver lining and bright side, and those simple affirmations are part of her tool belt to deal with what life throws her.

First Bite

An Accidental Vampire PI Mystery, Book 1

What's a positive thought girl to do when she finds herself one of the undead? Recite plenty of affirmations and use those new toothy skills to assist her PI boss, of course

In 24 hours, Misty Summers had the worst date of her life, was bit by a vampire, and her PI boss may close his business as he goes through a divorce. Looking on the sunny side, she decides to use her new vampire assets and become the investigator to keep her job and income. She doesn’t know what her future holds, but it can’t be any worse! When she starts following up on a missing woman’s case, she finds herself in the middle of murder. Even with her positive thinking and affirmations, she is finding her new reality daunting. But she vows to take a bite out of crime in her small lake resort town.

If you like Duffy Brown, Nancy Warren, Nova Nelson, Dionne Lister, Trixie Silvertale, and Leighann Dobbs, then you'll love this series with a quirky intelligent sleuth, small town lake setting, and tantalizing mysteries. Misty Indigo Summers is a positive thinking kind of gal and a most unlikely vampire and PI. Buy these fun and clean cozy mysteries and start enjoying Misty's adventures today!

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