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Thursday, July 15, 2010


Assistant fashion editor Erica Milano stops by today to discuss fashion faux pas. I hope none of my favorite clothes made her list because I sure can’t afford a wardrobe make-over any time soon! -- AP

Hi everyone! Erica here, taking over for Marlys -- as usual. Too bad I can’t take over her salary, given that I do all her work.

Anyway, I thought we’d discuss fashion faux pas today. Ever see someone walking down the street and wonder if that person ever looks in a mirror? Admit it. We all have. I’m a plus size woman, so I know that it’s not easy to find flattering clothes, but as my Nona often tells me, “Anything worth having is worth working for.” Of course, Nona is old school (or maybe I should say old world) Italian, and like so many other Italian grandmothers, wears nothing but black dresses.

You don’t have to be a plus size women to fall into the fashion faux pas abyss, though. Here are a few of my pet peeves, no matter your size or gender.

Saggy Pants Syndrome -- I don’t care if you’re looking for street cred or your own plumbing show on HGTV. No one is interested in seeing your underwear or butt crack, guys. It’s so not sexy. As a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite -- a huge turnoff. We all owe an enormous debt of gratitude to
American Idol for showcasing that old dude singing his Pants On The Ground song. Right on, Grandpa!

Two Sizes Too Tight Trauma -- This bit of advice is for both guys and gals. News flash: Too tight is so not right. Let’s leave a little bit to the imagination, people. Most of you don’t have the bodies to be showcasing every bulge, anyway. Besides, there are some bulges that really need to be hidden. I’m talking to all of you beer bellies and muffin tops out there.

The Letting-It-All-Hang-Out-Gang -- Again, most people just don’t have the bodies for this. Cover up, ladies. Do the world a favor and spare us your belly fat and tramp stamps.

The Walking Billboard Look -- There’s nothing wrong with T-shirts with saying, but choose those sayings wisely. First impressions are lasting impressions. That pink and rhinestone T with “B*TCH” emblazoned across your boobs may very well be the reason you don’t get that job, raise, or promotion. And I’m not talking about wearing such inappropriate garb to the office. You never know who might see you in the evening or on the weekends. 

Thanks, Erica. Blunt but so right on. Anyone have a favorite fashion peeve to share? Let’s hear from you. Remember, if you post a comment this week, you're entered in the drawing to win a book from our Book Club Friday guest author.-- AP


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Kttycat said...

With every single one of them I could picture people i've seen around town and just laugh. Another one I think is hair... we see some really wild hair do's that just seem to wrong.


LOL! This is Jersey, land of big hair. Texas is merely a copycat state.

Crystal said...

LOL Tooooooo funny, but to true.