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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sheila Conway, American Woman’s Go-To Money Guru is back today with another way to save. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia. Today’s money saving tip seems almost too obvious to mention. However, it’s amazing how many consumers don’t think of it.

Plan your weekly menu around your supermarket’s shopping circular. By doing so, you can save big each week. All it takes is a few minutes time. Sit down with the weekly circular and your shopping list.

Try an experiment for a week. Except for milk (which never goes on sale), only buy those items that are on sale for the week. I’m willing to bet you’ll have plenty of variety for whipping up breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for the week, yet have a huge savings at the end of the week.

And to save even more money, don’t forget to enroll in your supermarket’s saver program. You’ll save an additional amount beyond the sale price on many items.

Great advice, Sheila! So who’s game to take the challenge with me? One week of meals prepared only from the items advertised on sale in the weekly flyer. Let us know how much you saved over your normal weekly shopping. -- AP 


Kathye Quick said...

I always do this. My average savings is around $32.00 (coupons, store sales and supermarket savings program). This give me some wiggle room for something a bit more exotic for date night.

Kathy said...

My motto is, "If it's not on sale we don't eat it". I also buy a lot of meats when they are on sale and freeze them. I love it when I have a coupon for something that is on sale although the coupons are not as good as they used to be.