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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Fashion editor Erica Milano is back today with some fashion no-no’s when it comes to the office. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia. Office dress codes have come a long way since the
Mad Men era, but no matter how casual your work place, you should exercise a little common sense and self-control when getting dressed in the morning.

If you want to be taken seriously, you need to look and act your age, not dress like a ‘tween, sk8rgrl, or biker babe. That advice applies to you no matter if you’re a 20-something, like me, or close to retirement. Besides, thigh-high boots, mini skirts, and crop tops are so not a good look for anyone approaching menopause or beyond, whether you’re at work or at the supermarket.

Come to think of it, thigh-high boots, mini-skirts, and crop tops are usually not a good look for most people, no matter how young you are. Take an objective look at yourself in a full-length mirror before you step out of the house. The operative word here being OBJECTIVE. Not only should you be dressing for your age and job, you should be dressing for your body type. Got a muffin top? Trust me, no one wants to see it.

Here are a few other pieces of advice:

-- no editorializing, politicking, or advertising across your chest. Leave the “I’m With Stupid” and Mickey Mouse T’s for the weekends.

-- no exposed skin other than face, neck, arms and legs (no higher than from just above the knee down.) Leave the belly and thigh-baring for the beach. It has no place in the office.

-- you might love your tattoos and piercings, but exercise some common sense, especially if you deal with the public or interface with external business associates. Not everyone appreciates body art, and your boss won’t like it if yours causes him to lose business or an account.

-- have some self-respect. The slut look never works unless you’re a streetwalker. Is that really the image you want to project to the world?

Well…Erica really does tell it like it is, doesn’t she? But you have to admit, there’s wisdom in her words. Our Book Club Friday guest author is giving away a book this week. Post a comment to be entered in the drawing. -- AP


Kathye Quick said...

As a public official, I have to keep my ink covered while at work. As soon as I retire, I'm getting a sleeve. Always wanted one.

But your advice is right on mark. Sometimes, though, a summer intern or two will come in with a trendy thing such as the hoodie with the hood up or the baby t-shirts and flip-flops.

Notso, hotso

Unknown said...

While I no longer work, I was a Manager for a Major bank for over 15 years. I can't tell you how many times I had to send employees home due to improper attire. (actually had someone come to work in a tube top!)

Love your posts