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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Cloris has a quick and easy, no-cook zucchini storage tip today. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia! If you planted zucchini this past spring, by now you probably have zucchini up to your eyeballs. Fear not. The first killing frost is on the way, and you will soon be through picking zucchini for the year. However, if you’re someone who likes having lots of zucchini to add to recipes, you don’t have to wait until next year’s bumper crop. Here’s a very easy way to freeze zucchini and stretch the end of your crop throughout the coming winter.

Cut zucchinis in half. Scoop out seeds and discard. Shred zucchini in food processor or chop into 1/2 - 3/4” cubes. Place 1 cup amounts of shredded zucchini in zip closure plastic sandwich bags. Press out as much air as possible while sealing bags. Place bags in freezer. Add a bag or two of frozen zucchini to soups, stews, pasta sauce, and meatloaf mix. Or use in bread and muffin recipes.

Thanks, Cloris! What an excellent idea with none of the mess or hassle of canning!

Readers, what tips do you have for all that extra zucchini, tomatoes, or other garden produce? Let's hear from you. 
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-- AP


KK Brees said...

This is excellent. Measure 2 cups shredded zucchini into each freezer bag - that's the amount you'll need for zucchini bread.

Cindi J said...

I don't have room for a garden, but I love reading all the ideas.

Janet said...

When I had a garden, I always ground the zucchini and everything else into an end of the garden relish which I then froze. It is so good on hamburgers, etc.


Thanks for stopping by, KK, Cindi and Janet!

keizerfire said...

I too grate the zucchini and freeze it in two cup amounts in baggies, as that is what it calls for in my zucchini bread. A trick I learned though, is to dry slices of zucchini in my food dryer, and just put it in jars or baggies. We then crumble it up and put it in all kinds of soups and even spaghetti sauce. My grandson never even knows it's in there. It's a good way to add important veggies.