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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ever been stuck in a traffic jam for hours? I have. You live in New Jersey, and it’s unavoidable. Travel editor Serena Brower is here today with some don’t-leave-home-without-them essentials for every car trip. Stop back next week for the continuation of the list. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia! Some of these are really important for those readers who live in cold climates, especially areas that get lots of snow.

1. An aerosol can of instant tire patch.

2. A blanket.

3. A bag of kitty litter. Sprinkle kitty litter under your tires to gain traction if you’re stuck in the mud, snow, or on ice.

4. A flashlight with extra batteries.

5. Two empty coffee cans. The cans have multiple uses. They can scoop snow. A candle in a coffee can will provide some heat. In a bladder emergency, a can will serve as a port-a-potty.

6. Two pillar candles.

7. Matches sealed in a water-tight container.

8. Window scraper.

9. Flares.

10. Extra hat, gloves, and scarf.

Thanks, Serena. I’m off to pack these items in my car right now. What about the rest of you? Ever get stuck for hours? How did you deal with it? Let's hear from you. Everyone who posts a comment this week is entered in the drawing for a free book from our Book Club Friday Guest Author. -- AP


Mason Canyon said...

These are definitely great tips on what to keep in your car for safety. On the lighter side, one item I've started keeping in my car is a book to read. That way when I'm stuck in traffic or delayed for some reason I have a way to pass the time.

Thoughts in Progress

Cindi J said...

What about snacks & something to drink (soda, juice etc.) If I know I am possibly going to be in the car for a while I carry SNACKS !