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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today we welcome back safety expert K.M. Fawcett with a tip on how to blow the whistle on the bad guy.

K.M. Fawcett is a Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in Isshinryu Karate. She and her husband Scott own the Tenchi Isshinryu Karate Dojo, located in Lebanon, NJ. K.M. is also a certified women’s self-defense instructor with the FLAG (Fight Like a Girl) Program. K.M. writes paranormal romances and loves kick butt heroes and heroines. When not writing novels or teaching karate, you can find her blogging about martial arts and writing action at
www.attackingthepage.wordpress.com. -- AP

Blow the Whistle on The Bad Guy
What is the one thing that an attacker doesn’t want?  Attention.  So why not keep a safety whistle with you?  If someone is getting too close for comfort in the parking lot or you feel you are in danger, blow your safety whistle.  Heads will turn.  Maybe even more effectively than yelling “fire.”  Let’s face it, humans are curious and a whistle blow will garner quick attention.  It may also scare off an attacker who is looking for an easy target.

A safety whistle is also a great thing to bring with you when camping, hiking, biking, or exercising anywhere outdoors.  If you get lost or injured, blowing your safety whistle will let others know you need assistance.  It requires less energy to blow a whistle than to yell.  Therefore, it won’t exhaust you or make you lose your voice like yelling does.  A whistle can also be heard longer distances than your voice.

K.M. believes so much in safety whistles that she’s offering a special stocking stuffer to one of our readers. All you have to do is post a comment this week to be entered in the drawing for an Attacking the Page Safety Whistle. -- AP


Caridad Pineiro said...

I am lucky to have one of those and must do better to keep it handy. Also had a flashlight in my knapsack ever since 9/11, but discovered that it is now dead and I must get a new one!

Thanks for sharing the tip!

KM Fawcett said...

Thanks for your comment, Caridad. An easy way to keep your safety whistle handy is to have it on your key ring. When walking to your car, your keys should already be in your hand (that's a safety tip for another day). So if you need the whistle in a hurry, it's already at your fingertips! :)

Happy and Safe Holidays!!

Kathleen Ernst said...

What a simple but effective idea! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Whistles are a great idea, especially when traversing a large parking lot after dark.