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Monday, March 21, 2011


Spool dolls were traditionally made for babies. Their jiggling and rattling kept many an infant amused for hours. Today spool dolls can be used as a home dec element or as a wearable. Use them as necklaces, pins, plant pokes, kitchen magnets, shade pulls, or package decorations. They also make a great party activity for little girls.

Materials3/4” wood spool for body
ten 1/2” wood spools for arms and legs (3 each for legs, 2 each for arms)
16mm wood bead for head
four 10mm wood beads for hands and feet
heavy duty jute cord
7” of 2” wide ruffled trim
7” of 1-1/2” wide gathered Cluny lace
small amount of Spanish moss
mini ribbon rose
miniature straw hat to fit head
blue and pink paint
small paint brush
needle and thread
tacky glue or glue gun

Cut two 12” pieces of jute. Knot one end of each. Thread feet and legs onto each individual piece, then thread body onto both pieces. Thread arms and hands onto individual pieces of jute. Knot ends at hands. Trim.

Glue head to body over jute. Allow to dry.

Using the wooden point of the paint brush, dip point into paint and dot onto head, using blue for eyes and a slightly larger dot of pink for the mouth.

With gathered edges together and right sides facing up, baste lace to ruffled trim. Gather and tie to back of doll.

Glue Spanish moss to top of head for hair. Glue straw hat over head. Glue ribbon rose to front of dress under head.

Cute, right? And so easy to make. What would you use a spool doll for? Let’s hear from you. -- AP

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Kathy said...

I'd hang her on my Christmas tree, but I just took it down.