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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Health editor Janice Kerr jumps on the cool tips bandwagon this week with a quick hot pack or ice pack from your kitchen staples. -- AP

Thanks, Anastasia! We all get aches and pains that often find us reaching for the heating pad or filling a plastic bag with ice cubes. But heating pads confine us to sitting near an outlet, sometimes in an uncomfortable position if we can’t find an extension cord, and ice cube filled plastic bags invariably leak. Next time you need a hot pad or ice pack, grab a box of rice instead.

Yes, I said rice.

Fill a clean white tube sock with a cup of uncooked rice. Tie the sock tightly shut with some string or yarn. Microwave on high for a minute. Check the temperature. If you want the sock hotter, continue microwaving ten seconds at a time until the desired heat is reached. Apply to the ache.

For ice packs, keep a rice-filled sock in a plastic bag in the freezer. Remove the sock from the bag whenever you need an ice pack. Return the sock to the freezer when through.

I don’t know about you, readers, but I’m off to fill a sock. My shoulder is killing me! Thanks, Janice! 

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