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Monday, March 28, 2011


Peter Cottontail is on the way. So for the next several Mondays, I’ll be showcasing Easter egg crafts. But these are not crafts made from real eggs. I never saw the sense in spending hours to decorate real eggs, only to have them cracked open and eaten. It’s like all those reality TV baking shows that showcase wedding cakes that sell for thousands of dollars. The cakes are beautiful, and I really admire the artistry, but give me a break! Five grand for something that’s going to get cut up and devoured? Some people obviously have too much money. I can think of many other uses for five grand.

So here at Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers you’ll find Easter eggs that will last from year to year. Make a dozen or so and toss them into a basket or bowl for a centerpiece. But first today, directions for making an Easter egg place card holder.

Don’t need place card holders? Just make the button covered Easter eggs.

1-7/8” x 2-1/2” Styrofoam egg
3/4” wood spool
1-1/4” paper clip
2” length of 1/4” wood dowel
acrylic paint (your choice of color(s)
assorted small pastel and white buttons
tacky glue
paint brush
colored paper for name card

1. Paint the spool as desired. Allow to dry.

2. Glue one end of the dowel into the spool and the other end into the bottom center of the egg. Glue the paper clip into the top center of the egg, leaving 3/4” extending out the top. Allow glue to dry.

3. Glue assorted small buttons to egg.

4.  Print out guests’ names on colored paper. Trim to approximately 1” x 2”. Insert into paper clip.

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