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Sunday, May 1, 2011


As we head into our second year at Killer Crafts & Crafty Killers, I want to thank all of our readers who follow us and those who drop by from time to time. For those of you just discovering us, I hope you’ll enjoy what you read and stop back often.

We’re going to be adding some new features to the blog in the coming months. Starting today, I’m kicking off Christmas All Year Round. Every few weeks I’ll feature Christmas projects on Crafts Monday, no matter the month, because I know that many of you craft year round in preparation for the holidays. Today’s craft is a no-sew handkerchief angel doll that can be used as an ornament.
-- AP


One men's white cottonhankie; 1/2-yd. 1-1/4" wide flat silver lace trim; white string; small amount of fiberfill; 2-yds. jute cord; 4-yds. 1/8" wide white satin ribbon; three 1/4" silver ribbon roses; 3/8-yd. 2" wide silver wire-edged ribbon; 1/2 yd. silver star garland; fabric glue; glue gun; ornament hanger

(Note: Use glue gun for all gluing except where noted.)

1. Using fabric glue, glue lace to one edge of hankie to form bottom edge of angel's dress. 

2. Wad fiber-fill into a 1-1/2" diameter ball. Using string, tie top center of hankie (opposite edge from lace) around fiber-fill ball to form angel head.

3. Tie corners of hankie at either side of head into knots close to head to form arms. Bring arms around to front of doll and knot together.

4. Form wire-edged ribbon into a circle, overlapping cut ends. Pinch together at center and tie in place with string to form angel wings. Glue center of wings to back of doll under head.

5. Cut jute into eight 8" lengths. Tie lengths together at center with string. Unravel ends of jute to form hair strands. Glue knotted center of hair to top center of doll head.

6. Cut three 1-yd. lengths of satin ribbon. Knot ends. Knot all three lengths together in middle. Glue knotted center under arms so lengths form streamers down front of angel's dress. Cut remaining yard of ribbon in half. Working both pieces together as one, tie into a bow. Glue bow to front of knotted arms. Glue ribbon roses above bow.

7. Leaving a 1-1/2” tail, wrap star garland into a 1-1/2” diameter overlapping circles to form halo. Bend tail up 1/2” to form loop. Glue loop to back of head. Bend halo 90 degrees to float above head.

8. Hook ornament hanger through string at center of angel wings.

Can you think of other uses for the handkerchief angel doll? Let’s hear from you. -- AP


Liz V. said...

Instead of fabric, use herbs for head, for Christmas herbal sachet.


pennyt said...

We used to make dolls like these when I was a child. My folks didn't have a lot of money and we were encouraged to be "creative". Thanks for the memories.
pennyt at hotmail dot com