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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Author Lois Winston, who writes about my life in the Anastasia Pollack Crafting Mysteries, recently attended the Malice Domestic mystery convention in Bethesda, MD and the Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA where she met many of my fans. (I suppose some of them are her fans, too.) So today Lois and I decided we’d muscle aside the usual Thursday line-up and present some of the photos Lois took at these events.

Author Lois Winston and Midnight Ink Acquisitions Editor Terri Bischoff

Not only did Lois meet many wonderful mystery fans during both events, she also got to meet our Midnight Ink editor, Terri Bischoff, and many of her fellow Midnight Ink (M’Inkers) authors.

Malice Panel Members: Cathy Pickens, Lois Winston, Judi McCoy, Jess Lourey and Donna Andrews

Lois took part in a panel, Funny Gals, Dark Books: An Intellectual Look at Humor in Mysteries. The panel was moderated by Cathy Pickens and besides Lois, included authors Judi McCoy, fellow M’Inker Jess Lourey, and Donna Andrews.

author Lois Winston answering host Cindy Silverblatt's questions at New Authors Breakfast

At Malice Domestic Lois also took part in a New (to Malice) Authors Breakfast where fans ate while the authors talked about their books. Of course, Lois told everyone about me.

author Lois Winston signing a book for fan Jaime at Malice Domestic

M'Inkers at Malice Banquet: Vicki Doudera, Lois Winston, Terri Bischoff, Deborah Sharp, Jessie Chandler, Kathleen Ernst, Alice Loweecey, Alan Orloff, Beth Groundwater and Jess Lourey

Saturday evening the M’Inkers took over two tables at the annual Agatha Awards Banquet where M’Inker Alan Orloff was up for an Agatha for Best First Novel. Sadly, Alan didn’t win, but as he said, it was an honor just to be nominated.

author Lois Winston at Festival of Mystery
Sunday morning many of us drove to Oakmont, PA where the Mystery Lovers Bookshop hosts their annual Festival of Mystery. The festival attracts over 350 readers and librarians each year, is co-sponsored by NPR affiliate WDUQ-FM, and benefits the Carnegie Library Bookmobile. Over 50 authors attended the event this year. Richard Goldman and Mary Alice Gorman, along with many volunteers, put on this fabulous event where people line up for hours ahead of time to be the first ones in the door. 

Festival of Mystery in Oakmont, PA

M'Inker suite-mates at Festival of Mystery: Vicki Doudera, Jess Lourey, Alice Loweecey, Lois Winston

Mystery Lovers Bookshop apres Festival of Mystery pizza party
After the festival, Richard and Mary Alice hosted a pizza party for all the authors back at the store. The Mystery Lovers Bookshop is just outside Pittsburgh. If you’re ever in the area, it’s a great place to visit, have a cup of coffee, and buy mysteries.

M'Inkers at Mystery Lovers Bookshop: Beth Groundwater, Jess Lourey, Alice Loweecey, Alan Orloff, Lois Winston and Vicki Doudera

 Lois arrived back home late yesterday and is already back working on chronicling the third book in the series all about me.

Anastasia Pollack

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Irene said...

Love the photos! Looks like everybody had a great time. Wish I'd been there, too! :)