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Monday, May 30, 2011


Refer to the materials list and directions from May 23, 2011 to make the basic yarn doll using a mohair type rose colored yarn. Decorate the doll as follows:

sandy blond curly doll hair
4” doll hat
3” ecru lace fan
five 1/4” mauve ribbon roses
1/2 yd. 1/8” wide mauve satin ribbon
6” length 1” wide ecru lace
1/2 yd. 3/4" wide ecru lace
needle and thread
small amount baby’s breath
pink colored pencil or blush
tacky glue

1. Make doll according to Basic Yarn Doll directions (5/23/11.)

2. Cut 3-4 strands at a time of curly doll hair twice the desired length of hair. Glue midpoint of the hair to head, applying along the edge of muslin first. Then work in neat, evenly spaced horizontal rows from back of the neck up to top of the head. Untangle and trim to even out the length.

3. Cut 1” lace into three 2” pieces. Fold two pieces in half lengthwise. Using needle and thread, gather at folded edge. Tie one around each wrist.

4. Using needle and thread, gather remaining piece of 2” lace along one long edge. Glue under neck for jabot.

5. Glue a ribbon rose to top of jabot and at each cuff.

6. Glue hat to head. Glue 1/8” ribbon around hat, tying ends at center back. Glue baby’s breath and two ribbon roses to front of hat slightly off-center.

7. Glue fan to front of doll. Glue arms over fan.

8. Cut 3/4” lace into three 6” pieces. Tie each into a bow. Glue to bottom of “skirt.”

9. Color cheeks with pink pencil or blush.

Check back for more yarn doll variations in future weeks.

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