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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Have you noticed the proliferation of brightly colored metallic Christmas trees this year? Thanks to TV shows like Mad Men and Pan Am, trends of the fifties and sixties are back in style for both fashion and home dec. One popular decorating trend from back then was the aluminum Christmas tree. You may even find one stashed away in a great-aunt’s attic or basement. If so, haul it out, and dust it off. Originals are selling at online auctions for several thousand dollars.

Decorating editor Jeanie Sims and I team up today with an idea for a retro Christmas tree centerpiece that pays homage to the aluminum Christmas tree.
 -- AP


a few branches
white spray paint primer
silver glitter paint
foam paint brush
12” assorted metallic chenille stems
clear glass container
glass floral marbles

1. Lightly mist the branches with the primer. (You can completely cover the branches in white, but Jeanie and I both like the shading and nuance that occurs from a lighter coat of paint.) When dry, brush on glitter paint.

2. For each snowflake you’ll need two chenille stems. Cut one stem into three 4” pieces.

3. Twist one 4” piece around the center of a second 4” piece.
4. Twist the third 4” piece around the center of the two pieces.
5. Cut six 1-1/2” pieces from the second chenille stem. Twist one 1/2” from end of each of the six spokes of the snowflake. 
6. Place the marbles in the container. Add the painted branches. Using the thread, tie the snowflakes to the branches.

1 comment:

Liz said...

How creative!

Friends in England placed a huge branch from a nearby farm in the corner of their living room--without the metallic paint, which adds so much.