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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Health editor Janice Kerr is back today with another reason to avoid trans fats. -- AP

That’s right, Anastasia. It’s no secret that the holidays often see a spike in depression, but now a study of more than 12,000 participants in Spain suggests that people who eat a greater amount of trans fats are nearly 50% more likely to become depressed.

We all know by now (or should) that trans fats are bad for us. Now we have another reason to avoid them because there’s nothing like a double-whammy of depression amid all the fa-la-la.

So if you’re prone to depression over the holidays, watch what you eat. Stay away from all foods containing trans fats. Check the ingredients lists on the food you buy. If you see the words “partially hydrogenated,” don’t put that item in your shopping cart. Partially hydrogenated = trans fats.

Thanks, Janice. Readers, do you avoid trans fats? Will you now that you know they can contribute to depression as well as weight gain? -- AP

1 comment:

Jane R said...

I've been a food label reader for a long time and always check out the fat content (and what kind) as well as the carbs. It's amazing what "healthy" food can sometimes contain!