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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


How often have you replaced fabric lampshades because of dirt build-up? Decorating editor Jeanie Sims has some great tips for making those shades last a lot longer. -- AP

There are several ways to clean a lampshade:

1. Use a hairdryer set on the low, cool setting, positioning the dryer at the top so the air blows down.

2. Remove dust with a lint roller.

3. For pleated shades, try brushing with a clean paintbrush.

4. Tide To Go pens are not just for clothes stains. If you’ve got a stain on a lampshade, try the pen. It might not work for every stain, but it will work for many.

There are few things harder to clean than lampshades. Thanks for the tips, Jeanie! -- AP


Kathy said...

I use a one inch bristle paintbrush to dust a variety of objects. I have textured lampshades and the paintbrush is the only way I can keep them clean.

Jane R said...

I also use a paintbrush on my pleated shades. It works great and such a simple idea. I'm going to give the hairdryer idea a try on some of my other lampshades. Thanks for the ideas!